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Outdoor blinds warranty

All Weather Solutions Ltd. provides 36 months warranty on all the components of the Easy Channel blind system, the warranty is given installers of Easy Channel blinds who purchase the components from us.

We also provide 5 yr UV warranty on our sun mesh material. 

Our Clear PVC blind may carry a small amount of ‘hair-line’ scratch or weld mark. This is due to the material property and manufacture process used.  They will not affect the normal use of blind. 

We are providing 3 yr warranty on the clear PVC material used in our blind. The warranty covers damage/ discolouring caused by UV.

The warranty will void if any physical damage (from external force) is done to the blind. 

The warranty will void if end user fail to follow proper maintenance procedure.

The warranty will void if the fabrication and / or installation of Easy channel blind has not been done according to our fabrication and installation manuals. 

The warranty on Easy channel blinds installation is usually given to the end customer by the retailer / installer who they have purchased the blinds from, they will determine the warranty period and conditions. 

We recommend in windy conditions of 50 kms per hour and more, open it all the way up to prevent damages to the blinds.